Jan Steinkühler


A lipid bilayer vesicle with nanotubes on the inside. Scale bar 5um.

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Hello, I’m a researcher in the field of biophysics, soft matter and synthetic biology. In the past years my research was focused on the understanding, assembly and applications of biomembranes. I obtained my PhD in the Dimova Lab. After my first postdoc with Reinhard Lipowsky, I’m currently working with Neha Kamat. I mostly work experimentally and use software tools to analyze and understand data acquired in the lab. Recently I have developed some interest in using computer simulations. Over time I will upload more tools and scripts I have used.

Calculate area, volume and adhesion energies from confocal images of adhering vesicles

Full publication list at Google Scholar, CV, e-mail and twitter @ja_steinkuehler.

First author publications

  1. Superelasticity of Plasma-and Synthetic Membranes Resulting from Coupling of Membrane Asymmetry, Curvature, and Lipid Sorting, Steinkühler, J., Fonda, P., Bhatia, T., Zhao, Z., Leomil, F. S., Lipowsky, R., & Dimova, R. Advanced Science, 2102109 (2021) Full Text
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